20140318: day 77

Happy 2014!! Ready to commit to three-words-a-day for a year? To add to the challenge, try writing something tappable! Here’s an example: https://readtapestry.com/s/LpR8P4cfu/.


* Check out about 3 words, the first posting, for what to do. choose three out of five.

Note: To submit a list of 5 words (+/- an extra set of instructions) for a posting, please email me at ylin002 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thank you, and looking forward to it!

  1. emilykarn said:

    Touching Another’s skin
    Signalling for more
    Absorbing their appearance
    Finding it pleasing
    Finally accepting them as is.

  2. Have you ever noticed the stars at night?
    As they twinkle, they appear to signal us.
    What is the message they are sending?
    Who is their message for?
    Reach out, touch them – no, they only seem to be within reach.
    Did I not read the signals correctly?

  3. every other
    moment is
    a thing of
    the silence
    before the sudden
    release, an unwhispered
    finally, for the
    validity of
    his touch

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  5. finally
    a signal
    a touch
    in passing
    a signal
    of love
    for me

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