20130905: day 248


* Check out about 3 words, the first posting, for what to do. choose three out of five.

Note: To submit a list of 5 words (+/- an extra set of instructions) for a posting, please email me at ylin002 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thank you, and looking forward to it!

  1. at the airport, time
    unshackles itself
    from place,
    a charged
    known to have burst
    a bubble or two.
    check your watch
    again, it has to
    be wrong

  2. The evidence pinned me as the culprit.
    The news identified me as the villain.
    Yet in my bubble, I see myself as the victim.

    • oh wow – love it! thank you for putting together such a thoughtful response.

      • Kind of enjoyed it! Keep it up and I will continue to respond.

      • it’s daily!!! (smile) please subscribe for daily doses!

    • msteck said:

      Love it!

      • Thank you

      • msteck said:


  3. emilykarn said:

    After thoroughly examining the evidence
    the scientific panel declared
    it was the result of a rogue time bubble.

    • Ooo…is this the beginning of a scifi novel?? (smile) thank you, Emily!

      • emilykarn said:

        I love Sci-fi, in this case I think it was the Fairy’s!

  4. msteck said:

    How fun! Mine ended up running away from me and I had to run it down and catch it. But here is part 1:

    Cut off from the rest of the world in an invisible bubble called diabetes, I perused the internet, newspapers, text books, and medical journals. There had to be a cure. There needed to be a cure. I searched for news of a cure but found none. I grew desperate and panicky. I was shocked, angry, indignant, and finally, burned out. I had no choice but to resign myself to the permanence of diabetes. I cried. I screamed. From what I had read, diabetes is associated with a notably shorter life expectancy. I was afraid.

    Part 2 is on my blog. 🙂

    • again, thank you for sharing your strength with us and for fitting in the three words. i hope that the words inspired you to write the piece as much as you are inspiring us.

      • msteck said:

        It’s funny. As soon as I read the word “bubble” I immediately thought of being stuck inside of one, held captive and unable to escape. And then it tied itself to diabetes somehow. Thanks for the inspiration. I wouldn’t have written it had I not found your post.

      • that is funny – how different words inspire different ideas/thoughts in each of us! thank you, again!

      • msteck said:

        They sure do!

    • cool! in the vein of Terry Pratchett? (smile) thank you for going all the way!

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