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I secured this blog address, “threewordsaday,” thirty-four months ago, waiting for all the right preparations to go into it before getting started.  For example, how do I solicit 3 words a day from random strangers?  Where do people post?  How will I find time to manage it?

It’s December 10, 2012, and I guess, in the end, I just need to jump right into it.

Let’s take it one day at a time, secured in the idea that inspiration can run on 3 words a day.

And that’s all the guidelines really – be inspired!  Play!  Write a handful of something, using the day’s 3 words, in any form of the word:


Post it on your blog with the tag “threewordsaday” and a pingback. Post it in the Comments Section. I’ll start – see below.


  1. after a little more of
    this, we will no longer feel
    unprecedented. yes,
    there are limits
    to discovery when
    touching here
    is all at once
    and wasted,
    and spending
    a night entangled
    is just another
    we ought to be having

  2. banking on freedom…

    the child’s death
    was not unprecedented
    for war
    war has no limits
    spending its human capital
    as if the price
    justifies the cause

    slpmartin 2012

    • oh my gosh – this is so different and quite moving. thank you!! by the way, i wanted to do something that felt more collaborative (smile). cheers, y

  3. courtel said:

    Boundaries were made to be broken, and the human spirit will not be confined by thoughts of unbelief or our lack of initiative to respond to any give situation that is unfamiliar.
    We must therefore be prepare for any event or occasion that although might be unprecedented and unwarranted, leave us defenseless or to appear to accept the consequences of such action.

    • thank you for sharing your words – i also enjoyed your photo on your blog! is that from barbados, too?

      • courtel said:

        Thanks for your comments and yes the picture is of my country as well. I want to wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year Yi-Ching. Take good care of yourself.

      • thank you so much for your well wishes! all the best to you as well.

    • oh, please do!! we’re just one full week into January, right? (smile)

      • sixpuns said:

        hmm, I will… I write my posts in advance so I will use the ones you post tomorrow (Friday 1/11) for next Wednesday’s (1/16) post. Look out for it!

      • …looking out for it (smile)!

  4. Lila said:

    Kudos. I love collaborations. I want to understand this more and see where it goes.
    Maybe I’ll try to apply some of it next time =)

    Love & Peace,

    • hi, Lila – thank you for dropping in. it’s just started, so has plenty of room to grow. thank you, in advance, for joining in (smile).

  5. Very interesting way to get people involved. Here are my two cents for what it’s worth.

    There are no limits to the unprecedented words a person may use while spending hours contemplating what to write.

    • ha! can you give an example assignment? thank you!!

      • You caught me off guard with an example assignment. Hmmmm, how about you take my two cents …use at least one of your orginal three words and two more of mine and create a Haiku of sorts. (5-7-5) For example:

        Writing requests have limits
        Outlined in hours

        (hours I am pronouncing with 2 syllables, however I supposed that is debatable).

      • i like it! where are your “two more?”

      • in hours, i’m spending
        down the minutes i have with
        you – covetous time

  6. Apparently I cannot follow my own instructions…but I like how you did the the assignment.

    • thank you – it took me a moment, and just in case, i took “two more” from your haiku.

  7. Infact very good to join , because is too interesting but I still need to learn more.

    • i enjoyed your writing on your first try, but i’m afraid i didn’t see you use any of the words… !!

  8. AnitaAnswers said:


  9. qubbieg said:

    The crisis was unprecedented

    We should always strive to live a life without limits.

    To be debt free we have to curtail our spending.

  10. qubbieg said:

    I dont believe I got the instruction right

  11. qubbieg said:

    There is not much resources but I always have more than enough in my house

  12. qubbieg said:

    make it simple keeps it pure

  13. qubbieg said:

    Make it simple keeps it pure “threewordsaday”

    • qubbieg said:

      surrender based on practice “threewordsaday”

  14. sutlive2 said:

    The man hoarded money but when he did spend his “valuable” cash he would only buy clothes. On a non-descript sunny day he found himself talking to a shoeless and homeless boy of 12. After having quite a good discussion for 2 or 3 hours he left the boy on the side of the road. As the man was turning the corner something compelled him to turn around and go back. In such an unprecedented manner that he shocked even himself he took the boys hand without saying a word and bought three different styles of shoes for him. Even though he left the boy on the same sidewalk with the new shoes and was not compelled to help the child any further he had limitless conversations with the boy every time he passed that spot.
    -Sam January 15, 2016.

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